Technology SOLUTIONS

Applied Network Security Provides Hardware, Software and Related Services for Video Surveillance, Security and Monitoring includes, but not limited to, cameras, security, access and monitoring. The technology based products, related software and services we provide include the following:

  1. Video Surveillance Equipment
    Includes security cameras and surveillance systems along with related software peripherals and services.
  2. Security Systems
    Systems that cover products and services for ensuring the security of buildings, property, equipment, and other materials. Offerings include but are not limited to alarms, detection systems, alarm management systems and electronic locking systems.
  3. Physical Security
    Technology based physical or protective measures designed to safeguard personnel, facilities, and critical infrastructure.  These programs and/or services will help prevent unauthorized access.  Offerings include but are not limited to all elements of physical security such as building and access controls, surveillance and monitoring.
  4. Identity Management
    Ability to positively identify a person and his or her level of authorized access to facilities and systems.  Offerings include but are not limited to ID cards, key cards, smart cards, swipe cards, card readers, access badges, RFID equipment and biometric devices.
  5. Monitoring Systems
    “Monitoring enabled” technology that provides the ability to monitor, track and watch specific functions and/or designated objects.  Offerings include but are not limited to personal monitoring systems and services, ankle bracelet monitoring systems, RFID tracking systems and alarm monitoring services.
  6. Impending Supplementary Services and/or Equipment
    This category is designed to capture any supplementary services and/or equipment related to security (e.g., safeguarding, compliance, preservation, and relevant services.)  Offerings may include a broad range of services and equipment from emerging technology to implementation of complex services.
  7. Security Detection Systems
    Single and/or multi-zone systems designed to detect and prevent unwanted attempts at access.  Offerings include but are not limited to walk through metal detectors, hand held metal detectors and x-ray machines.