Security Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Applied Network Security offers a 24/7 real-time intrusion detection and alerting system and an early warning signal to enable intrusion Monitoring. It also provides extensive rules to detect insider security problems

  1. View Reports on Key Security Information Happening on Your Facility.
  2. Centralized Event Logging.
  3. Analysis of Event Logs.
  4. Archive Events into Files.

A good security strategy includes real-time intrusion detection and monitoring for critical security events and periodic analysis of your systems' security logs so that you can detect and respond quickly to security concerns.
To monitor your event logs effectively, find out what Applied Network Security can do for your organization’s security Monitoring and management: free 30-day trial
Some of the benefits:

  • Monitor for critical security events on you cameras to detect security issues.
  • Sent out alerts about critical events.
  • Back up and clear event logs network-wide, and archive to a central database.